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27 August 2012 @ 10:22 pm

So, some peeps decided to get a bunch of school kids to build what they want Japan to look like..... in LEGO. As you can imagine, the results are pretty spectacular.

Speaking of LEGO, it turns 80 this year.
Did you know that LEGO has a dramatastic and heartwarming history? It involves a poor carpenter and lots of fires and three generations of family!
It's been made into a short animated film!

I'm basically addicted to buying toys at the moment.
I have almost all of the Friendship is Magic pony toys (missing about two of the un-named characters), and bunch of Lala Loopsies, I bought a stack of plushies last weekend.....
It's like buying potplants, but they can never die.
Although at least I had some creativity in naming my pot plants (including, but not limited to Cory and Anders the corrianders, Rosita the mini rose, Francis the pansy, Gary the glitter poinsettia....). The Lala Loopsies (who, by the way, already come with names) are called
Jelly (jelly themed doll)
Bakey (baking themed doll)
space girl (space themed doll) wait, COSMIA sounds cool.

Don't ever let me buy a BJD, you'll never see me again, and I'll never see any money again.

I don't know, I don't actually have anything else to say about toys, except that they are cool.
Cool in the face.
I just really wanted to post those LEGO thingamajoogles.

Cake out
♫: Everything by Yasutaka Nakata
22 August 2012 @ 06:07 pm

When did I last update? This saved draft is longer than longcat. And longcat is long.

Looks like I went to the From Picasso to Warhol exhibition, part of the MoMA series at WA art gallery a couple of weekends ago.
Man, that was boss.

I'm looking forward to the next installments (because I'm not actually a fan of cubism...) - there are six! The whole shebang runs for about 18 months. And I have a one-time pass to each exhibit, so hit me up if you're up for some fine artings some time after January 26, whoop whooop ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
(For those playing at home, this also means you can get the Picasso to Warhol exhibition in your eyeballs until then, so don't miss out!)

I also had the pleasure of listening to some sweet, sweet street jazz, heck yeah.

Turns out they were Japanese (CALLED IT) from Himeji.
And I had a really cool conversation with a South African dude about jazz and stuff.

That was actually quite a few weekends ago, because the next paragraph that I'm not even going to bother to segue into, happened at least a month ago. It is full of squeeing and dying, so I'm actually quarantining it in a blockquote so it can't contaminate the post.

Marie got kittens. Which means I see friggin kittens at least once a week. I've, uh, never really seen kittens before.
First meeting:

words can't describe.
Pellanore is my favie.
And he tried to groom me sdfgggggggggggghjkajdfll;;;;;;;;;;;' ♥


So, uh,

Another things that "gives me the feels" as the young'uns do say today, is
The official music video to La Seine
From A Monster In Paris (also a thing that totes makes me feel emotions in my body)

so perfect.
IRL Francuer unfff.

Friggin flawless.

( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡
♫: All the Yasutaka Nakata music. All of it.
I have provided an English translation of HIZAKI's tweets this evening (around 5pm of July 20, 2012).
Feel free to repost this anywhere
(although be warned there could be mistakes, since it is my own translation).

Versaillesの活動休止の報告を英語にお訳するしました。@HIZAKIofficial のツイートの全部:

We would like to announce that Versailles has decided to pause all activities by the closing of the year.

We welcome five years of formation, but afterwards are looking for another way for our activities;
for the members individual growth, and in order not to be bound by each other's individual form in music-making, Versailles will stop all activities by the closing of the year.

Our fans fulfilled wishes we could not fulfil on our own, we're really, truly greatful to be affected by and helped by so many people. We have arrived at this ending point, simply for music, and so it seems we have this answer to say due to earnestly confronting/facing Versailles.

I'm proud to have devoted myself to going beyond my limits in life. Over a considerable history I've carved out a reputation in this art. I hope afterwards as well, you will watch warmly over each activity; I will be so happy.

And so, someday, I'm sure the rose petals will gather again. At that time, I'll appreciate everyone's assistance I've received.
In the remaining time, my gratitude will be conveyed in our next songs and activities - nothing will be forgotten. Everyone keep in mind forever the love, joy and happiness; from here also wishes and prayers keep continuing.


EDIT: PAUSE. PAUSE all activities.
Hiatus, not disbanding.
The wording was ambiguous, but apparently Yuki's blog had an English version anyway, which said it all.
♥: saddevastated
16 July 2012 @ 09:31 pm
Last last weekend I went to see dinosaurs at the museum!


Unfortunately, the dinosaur petting zoo tickets were sold out, so the only dinosaurs I saw were skellingtons.

I also saw other things, like rocks and bugs and sea creatures and old bottles and an eerily accurate joke.

What do you call a dinosaur in heels?

It's eerily appropriate because I was wearing my Noritaka Tatehana rip-offinspired heels.
So. Those things are harder to walk in than I thought.
But probably will be easier with practice. Anyway, I only fell over, like, ten times.

Oh! Also an addendum to the previous post:
More stuff on the Turing Test (can you tell apart and human and a computer in conversation)

Lately in life I have been...

⚜ going to the theatre~~!

A couple of weeks ago I saw an amazing piece/experience called
Hello, My Name Is
by Nicola Gunn.
I didn't know what to expect at all, hadn't even read the blurb. They were calling audience members into the room a couple at a time.
When I walked in the door (with my trusty adventurer partner, Eva) I was greeted to a bunch of randoms, obviously coerced audience members, greeting me with a welcome song.
I don't want to spoil anything, but basically it's an interactive thing where you bond with strangers and...
Well, if you have a chance to see it, I don't want to ruin it~~

And last Friday I went to the new Heath Ledger museum of WA to see A School For Wives.
That building sure is Swanky With A Capital S.
It's covered in gold and wood and completely gorgeous.

The play was also highly enjoyable (and I also knew literally nothing about it, going in). It's apparently a French play translated into English.
Which is mind-blowing, since it's all in (very clever) verse (like Shakespeare plays).
Whether due to translation or the Bell Shakespeare Company, it also had some quite contemporary lines in there too ( ・ิϖ・ิ)
Anyway, it's a fab comedy about a guy who has basically trained his future wife to be a naive and submissive thing, and quickly turns into a comedy of errors.
The leading man sure is a Giant Smarty Pants to learn all those lines, and all the actors were Pretty Damn Good.


⚜ I've also been... watching cartoons! Surprise, surprise.

Gravity Falls


It's pretty good, guys. Pretty good.


⚜ Yesterday I baked cupcakes (treacle and plum jam) and ate them until I was sick, and then I ate a fingerbun covered in mini m&m's and was more sick. It was fun~~

⚜ Also re-read all of the bits in Cardcaptor Sakura with Feelings.
Just those bits. Since I have them memorised anyway...
I, uh, do this sometimes. To books and things. I'm kind of a vicarious fluffy feelings junkie.
Actually... yes, this might be a real addiction. Hrm. Well. That's a thing.


Today's deviant artist is...
specifically, this FLABBERGASTINGLY AMAZING short short animation.
fuckomglob glowing paint fish lights magic whatyes
That about sums it up.

I leave you with this final parting note ♬

* real ice-cream I ate. Mine was the cotton-candy/cookiedough :D
♫: Zombie - Versailles
25 June 2012 @ 08:26 pm

Got home and was going to be all of the productive.
It is now half-seven and I have... twittered. I guess?
Also, it seems Tumblr is very cranky about posting photos from my PC for no good reason doesn't like larger files... for no good reason.

So. This weekend was Alan Turing's one-hundredth birthday~~☆

Turing is widely considered to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence.

Turing developed algorithms, the base for modern computers, and the Turing machine, as well as the Turing Test (can you reliably tell a computer and human apart in a text conversation).

Other important notes:
Alan Turing was convicted of being gay (illegal in the 50's) and chemically castrated (for a year).
We all thought Mr. Turing had a grand and dramatic morbid suicide death where he poisoned himself with an apple infused with arsenic (inspired by Snow White), but modern historians/autopsians believe it may have actually been accidental inhalation of improperly stored lab chemicals.

Brainpickings Alan Turing article

ू(・ิ ॄ・ิू๑)

On the weekend it was also Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~ 5th anniversary~~
I'm proud of this band, which has had a lot of successes and hardships and has worked hard to get to where they are today.
Contratulations, Versailles!

ू(・ิ ॄ・ิू๑)

Today my Steam Powered Giraffe CDs arrived~~!
They are so amazing! No regrets!
Songs by talented musicians/performance-artists steam-powered robots about being a steam-powered robot, suspenders, shenanigans, ice-cream, zombies.....
You should at least check them out on youtube - their live/busking performances are Pretty Neat (and comedic).

ू(・ิ ॄ・ิू๑)

Today's deviantartist is
who does some pretty amazing cosplays. I am impressed with her Kuja and Linneus.

Today's video is
a video explaining how the UK works. And the Crown. And ex-colony country thingos.
It's a succinct and charismatic explanation.

ू(・ิ ॄ・ิू๑)

20 June 2012 @ 07:01 am

Well, today I had a big cup of coffee before I left work, so when I got home I was Feeling Productive.
I almost enrolled. I got pretty close. Until I figured out that (just as I suspected) it would be physically impossible to do online. Of course.
I haven't got as far as researching which elective I'll pick - the steam ran out.
Also, too afraid to try because it's very likely I'll discover that there is no spoon elective. Because I've done them all or they don't run.

I was trying to remember what else I used to put up here... Photos, I guess?
Here is a sneak preview of my workspace at the moment
(there are, um, more toys and things than shown here).

Oh, and anecdotes? From life?
Yesterday I had a preview of what it will be like after the robot revolution.
I literally couldn't work out how to make phone call using my phone.

No joke.

I tried several times, but to no avail. Apparently pressing the 'phone' button did not, in fact, bring up the phone. There was a lot of actual in real life headdesking and i eventually saved the number i needed into my contacts and called from there. What. What is life.

It was like being Zorg and choking on that cherry.

Anyway, some helpful competent person who has not been excommunicated from the X and Y generations eventually figured it out (secret, near invisible scrollbars are to blame ).
"And then i found $20"
The end.

(yeah, there sure is a reason why i never posted anecdotes).


And here is a delightful song dedicated to all the marvellous trolls out there.
Thank You Hater! - by Clever Pie and Isabel Fay

Sweet dreams~~
♫: Nornir - Mawaru Penguindrum
17 June 2012 @ 11:18 pm
Look, I didn't forget about livejournal this time.

Recently I have:

☆ seen Danger Five, a cheap TV series parodying 70's spy/action series. A bunch of guys fight Hitler and the Nazis, basically. There are mind-controlled dinosaurs and horrible stereotypes and not more than about seven actors. It's pretty good bad. And pretty funny.

☆ bought all the Lalaloopsy dolls and MLP ponies. Ever.
Actually, I did complete my collection of all the major characters last week. Still waiting for my EXP and level up, or at least a special item or some victory music....
Today I bought Honeybuzz, the cutest random pony that is not actually a character for some reason. Apart from Cake, of course. (OF COURSE). That pony is the most confusing, since there is actually a Mrs and Mr Cake pony, but apparently children don't want those toys so Hasbro invented some random cake pony to cover that corner of the market.
/pony blog

☆ watched A Monster In Paris, which I just can't recommend enough. It's an utterly charming French cgi children's movie (dubbed very well into English). About a singing flea. No, really, it's the sweetest, you have to watch it.
At least listen to the song that made me want to watch the movie (and then got stuck in my head for a week)

☆ today I watched the final episode of season two of AGOT. Now I should watch season one, I guess...

☆ I've also been keeping up with Adventure Time and Korra, as well as watching Mawaru Penguindrum (ohmygodohmygod).
FortunatelyUnfortunately this means I haven't seen any Once Upon A Time in a while. That show.... is kind of terrible and kind of like the best junk food ever, argh.

☆ been designing a character for another RP (Scion)... accidentally came up with another gay OTP. Yeah. Coming up with these is like breathing. Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing him, and to posting some sketches or short stories or whatever.

☆ trying to keep up with twitter and failing.

☆ going out and hanging out and whatnot as usual, and it's been nice. I've infiltrated another facet of someone else's social group, it's fantastic.

☆ had a really great D&D session this week. Corbie broke out of prison all by himself, freaked out and tried to punch a guy in the face but missed and spun around comically, ran around like a flailing idiot rather a lot, guessed the plot right but got screwed over anyway.
It was amazing. And I only had to ask what numbers to add to what where, like, three times. I will never learn.

☆ completely failed to pick up my ukulele or DS at all. It's hard to have more than one hobby.

☆ completely failed to enrol in uni, and then lied about it. LOL depression, LOL.

☆ today I bought a necklace because it would match that one t-shirt I have...
But it's okay because I used a voucher. What is wrong with me.
(but it's the best. It is basically all the costume jewellery melded together).

Oh, on the topic of what is wrong with me. Glob. You know what I am sick of? Paying super shitloads of money for vitamins, vitamins, not even real prescription drugs or anything, and just still feeling like shit all the time. This whole week has been pretty bad (although hormones have been involved...). Fuck this. Coffee has more effect on me (yeah, when I become immune to the serotonin/dopamine/whatever tricks coffee can do, then I will be so very screwed).
What is life.
What are feelings.

The only other things that help are eating lollies (Nerds), which I'm trying to avoid because it's bad for me,
and buying things, which is also a terrible habit/addiction to have. But does result in ponies.

The other thing that I've discovered in the past week or so that has helped, has been hanging out at Chira's livestreams (of Sfeer Theory and Fox Sister fame).
It really lifts my mood and inspires me to draw, since if Chira's got PS open, then I open mine too and at least sketch. And... I think I'm making friends? Maybe?
Or sitting in the corner being awkward and shy. Either way, I guess.
When did I become so anxiously shy.

Anyway, no one wants to hear you cry on the internet.

Today's featured Deviant Artist is
who paints lovely watercolour people. Her style is very unique, and I like her characters - she obviously has quite a developed universe and story behind them all.

Today's random interesting thing is
Children's books rebooted with minimalist covers.

Today's video is
This completely amazing song by Jonathan Coulton and Adam Stein
One More Score

ε=┏( ・_・)┛
♥: sadsad a lot of the time

゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ

Cake is back from hiatus.
Goodness knows why.

I haven't really been anywhere, or done anything, and I don't know if anyone still uses lj, but...
I... I missed you.
ू(; ॄ;ू๑)

I um, also have, like, three tumblrs now. I might get another one for drawing, too.
(That's not where I've been spending my internet time, btw. Not on twitter, either).


Anywhoop, instead of catching up on CurrentCake, let's just take a peek at whatever was in this saved draft from whenever ago.

I sure have some odds, bodds and ends:

13 punctuation marks that you never knew existed

The Museum of Obselete Objects

Peeps are building the Babbage Analytical Engine, a computer from the 1830's

This shop made their floor out of pennies. Like, literally glued hundreds of pennies to the floor, instead of using, I don't know, a roll of carpet.

Sedlec Ossuary, Kostnice. A church MADE OF BONES. Made. Of. Bones.
It's amazeballs. Hit it up on images!Google, yo.

Catherine Feeny - Mr. Blue

The happs:

⚜ moving house at some point
(therefore the house must be Spick And Span At All Times and sometimes I get kicked out so strangers can wander through it. It's rather trying).

⚜ bought a ukulele, have yet to find the time to do more than tune it

⚜ discovered how to order things from 6% Dokidoki. This is a trap. As soon as I have enough money, I'm blowing about $500 on this. No regrets.

⚜ don't actually have any money ever. Not really sure why, but it might have to do with medicine and bills. I have enough to play, but this is the first week in months that I've had money actually in my account. What.

⚜ don't have any time ever. I'm somehow not counting all the nights I dick around on the internet.

⚜ bought a bunch of stuff, waiting excitedly for my copy of Sfeer Theory, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Revolution, Cucumber Quest, Rose somethingorother Versailles release...
Plus, ponies. All the ponies.
Yesterday I bought more DS games. Have I played my DS for more than five minutes in the past four months? No.
But they were Avatar TLA games....

⚜ been enjoying my Samsung Galaxy SII, which I have named Sandwich.

⚜ working at the café every day, since my units don't run this semester. Will graduate next semester and proceed to (a) freak the fuck out, (b) move to Japan?

⚜ D&D. I am still terrible at this. But Corbie is growing as a person! I was against this at first; I am a bad person.
I received RAINBOW dice for my birthday, so I'm looking forward to rolling something above a 2 next time we battle. It will be the first time, ha ha ha.

⚜ went to the doctor about the depression.
He at least took me seriously from the beginning, but I feel a bit like...
the things wrong with me are so minor. All dietary related, basically. Like, the microflora in my guts were out of balance. Possibly my neurons are sluggish or my adrenaline is out of whack, but he didn't mention that on Monday and I forgot to ask. I kind of wish that was the case, so I could feel like there was really something wrong with me.

But it is costing me ALL THE MONEY.
Like, a billion boonbucks.
I've spent over $1,000 in (herbal??) medicines, vitamin things, tests and appointments. In the space of two months. I take about 14 pills in the morning, no joke.

⚜ Back at Lindy Hop / swing dancing.
It's fun; I wish I could be back at my old level though, where I was in the advanced class and not just doing swingouts forever.
Alyssa and Ben are ♡so lovely♡ though. I always get admiration-crush things on my swing teachers, because they're always so cool~~

⚜ catchin' up with bros pretty often.
kind of made a new (old) friend, which is neat.
keep missing the lolita meetups, though :/
Had my birthday party last weekend, and it was FAN☆TAB☆U☆LOUS.
There were bubbles, pass the parcel, a CASTLE MADE OF JELLY, facepaint, rainbow dinosaur biscuits, lots of friends, juice boxes, Eurovision semi's, and lots of wonderful friends ♥

⚜ Korea. Did I mention Korea? I was there for two months? Yeah, that was pretty boss.


listening to

♬ Capsule
Ruficus Rufus Wainwright
♬ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
♬ Washington
♬ Linkin Park (nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia)


The number of books I'm reading at once, has increased to truly ridiculous numbers.

The Pillow Book - Sei Shonagon. (Makura no Soshi). Since the longest section is about four pages, this is my lunch-break thing, since my lunch break is only 15 minutes.
I'm still blown away by how much I can relate to someone from 1000 years ago, in a totally different culture.
I'm going to redo that meme, guys.
Oh! My God!! 原宿ガール - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I've read, like, five pages of this. Less incentive to power through when I need a dictionary for every fourth word.
Science: a history - John Gribbin. The reason this turns up on my reading list so often is that yes, it has just taken me about two years to get through. I basically forget about it for six months and then marathon it for like a week.
Children's Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs - Michael K. Brett-Surman
Dinosaurs: a field guide - Gregory S. Paul
An Edwardian Guide to Life - Cornelia Dobbs. Legit written in the Edwardian era, which, apparently, was only ten years long. Who knew. Well, apart from people who know anything about history, I mean.
The Book of Human Skin - Michelle Lovric. Still don't want to touch it. Still hate all the characters. Still only a third in. Still can't bear to actually just stop reading it.
The Shadow Theif - Alexandra Adornetto. Mediocre children's' book.
The Tough Guide to Fantasyland - Dianna Wynne Jones
Evelina - Frances Burney. A classic literature.
Ballet Shoes - Noel Streatfeild. A quaint children's book.
The Annotated Brothers Grimm - Maria Tatar. All the fairytales. OMG. This book.

☆ BL manga on free manga websites. oh my god, so much porn, www. But I've found some gems:
☆ Anything by ぢゅん子 (Junko, but spelt in a quirky way). Especially Kasa no Shita, Futari and Starlike Words.
☆ re-read Unidentified Friendship Objective again, because it is everything I ever want from a feel-good short story and s2b2.
☆ Going to re-read Cry Havoc by Muun again, because I get withdrawls like whoa. I can't wait until this is published, so I don't have to re-read the same couple of snippets over and over.

I have no words.
I'm in... act 6, I think. The kids are just starting to catch up to the trolls, after a chapter of troll exposition.


Almost as many things as I've been reading. And I have yet to finish any of them.

★ Adventure Time
★ Once Upon a Time
★ Season2 of AGOT (not having seen season1, ha ha)
★ MLP:fim
★ Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
★ Korra
★ Mawaru Penguin Drum
★ Baccano!
★ Muppets Tonight
★ Cardcaptor Sakura - in Japanese without subs (mostly). I can basically understand everything, because it is a show for nine-year-old girls, and I have seen it all in English and read the manga like three times...
Still just a little impressed with myself, though.
★ Community season3. Man, it got weird. It got weird.
★ I've seen about three episodes of New Girl: Jess, and it's pretty bad, but I have such a crush on the main character, played by Zooey Deschanel. The plug for the show literally says Jess is "adorkable". That's my favourite word, guys.

This will do for now. Yup.
(◎ε◎ )ノ=3=3=3
♥: workingbloggggg
♫: a really weird mix of genres
25 September 2011 @ 11:33 pm

Errr, so.... that one time I said I'd update frequently again...
that... apparently... was kind of a lie.
[insert Portal reference here]

Sorry, I've had this post going for a few weeks now...

What are the happs?

The Happs are mostly me avoiding posting to lj (f⌐ _⌐ );
For no particular reason (other than there are so many things. All the things. It takes so loooong).
I'm really sorry to the few remaining souls shipping the Ye Goode Ship Livejournal; please accept my sincere apologies.

Lately I've not been doing an awful lot except for working four days a week, and going to the occassional class. This semester is going roughly the way last semester did - that is to say it's not quite half-way through the semster and I've already failed to hand in (or really even start) two assignments.
But I am also at a complete loss as to what I'm going to do next year, once I've graduated.
My options include

♚ Staying at university for one more teeth-pulling year, to do a diploma of education. If I leave it until later, it will be a two year degree (but a masters instead of a diploma). I've recently discovered, however, it may be my only slim chance at employment in this lifetime.

♚ Applying for the JET programme to teach English in Japan for a year or two, although if I am accepted, I won't leave until August next year (and I have little say as to where I am placed).

♚ Trying to find a job here in Perth. (CUE HYSTERICAL CYNNICAL LAUGHTER).

♚ Die in a ditch somewhere.

I think I'm just going to apply for everything and then decide.

Apart from 毎日毎日バイトと大学ばかり, Cake has been having small adventures.
If they were a katamari, they would be dubbed....
with just a tinge of artsy.
That's a lie. This katamari is mostly made up of food. And webcomics.
You may notice I've also been playing We Love Katamari.....
Other lifey things include:

♛ Preparing to sell our family home, which mostly involves me having to remove most of my clutterdecorations and keep my room reasonably neat all the time. It's horrible and feels like limbo, but looks like a bust soon anyway (yaaay~)

♛ Reading one kajillion new (to me) wonderful webcomics, with even more in my Immediate Links To Trawl bookmarks folder. I will devote an entire separate post to webcomicy goodness, although
Teahouse (NSFW),
Starfighter (NSFW),
Cucumber Quest,
Sfeer Theory,
Fox Sister
get a special mention.

♛ Going to art exhibitions and poetry literature events and strange post-modern plays with aerial acrobatics and being Cultured And Arty. I've even worn my fake hipster glasses and even faker Nile Perch glasses out (。・ω-。)

♛ I re-rainbowed my hair, and I have to say, it looks ALL KINDS OF FABULOUS.

♛ Reading! Books!
I've bought rather a lot of books recently, including, finally, a book by one of my favourite people ever, Joey Comeau.
※ I bought One Bloody Thing After Another (half of which is available online for free, I believe) - I've read it, like three times before, but I still read the whole book in one night, upon arrival.
※ I also bought Havemercy, which is co-authored by one of the authors of Shoebox Project, and read that in one night as well. It's so romantic *swoon* (and full of gay love~~~)
※ And I bought what I assume is probably Dianna Wynne Jones' final book Enchanted Glass - also read voraciously, although it was missing some of the twisty charm of her other novels...
※ Last night I read Neil Gaiman's Odd and the Frost Giants in one go.
※ And I'm vaguely avoiding my impulse buy The Book of Human Skin by Michelle Lovric. It's gripping in its own way, but none of the characters have really endeared themselves to me, and one is downright nasty.
※ I also bought a children's dinosaur encylopaedia, to supplement the field guide that I can't understand...
And more.................
(Looking forward to the release of the next Discworld novel, Snuff, in October!!)

♛ Also been grooving to musics.
Although 2011 seems to be rather the Year of Disappointing Album Releases.
※ Wow. I haven't devoted a post to PON PON PON yet. Crazy.
It's GRAND and DANDY and after listening to it on Youtube for a week, I bought the album. Totally not a disappointment :D
※ Unlike Panic at the Disco!'s long-awaited release Vices and Virtues, which was so bad that I basically wash my hands of them.
Versailles' latest release, Holy Grail is slowly growing on me, but makes me powerfully nostalgic for the 'oldschool' Noble era. I was completely happy with the evolution of their new sound in the single releases last year and this year (DESTINY - The Lovers and Philia respectively), but the songs in the new album just aren't as shiny and I can't dig a major key for that long (at least, I think that's what bugs me the most). The newer songs sound a bit less Versailles and a bit more generic. My favourite song is, by chance (???) a TERU song, of course - Flowery.
※ The other exciting album released recently that I'd like to buy is a Muppets cover album, featuring lots of nice famous artists. It was up for free for a time, but now you'll have to scout around for it. The Muppets Theme Song by Ok Go and The Rainbow Connection by Weezer and Hayley Willaims (of Paramour) are basically the reason you need to google it right this instant.
※ I've also caught on to The Wombats, who are absolutely fantastic, and I am very excited to have tickets to their concert in October (゚∀゚)
※ Finally, there is the mixed horror and pure glee of the Vrock Disney cover album.
Jrock artists singing Disney songs, WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?
Most of it is.... that horrible trance-pop-on-speed Engrish monstrosity that they play in the Bodyline stores, some of it is old hat metal reinterpretations, but Plastic Tree's cover of Chim-chim-chiree is golden. Just what you'd expect from my favourite band (well, they tie with Versailles, of course). It's dark and slightly creepy, and beautiful.
And Nightmare's cover of Friend Like Me is golden for a very different reason...

♛ Fangirling over the DeviantArt galleries and Tumblrs of
Hamlet Machine (maker of the above Starfighter)
mmmira (whose tumbr is full of delicious and frequent goodness)
Chira-chira, of whom I am a long time fan, and who is a co-creator of the above Sfeer Theory and artist of Fox Sister.
gigidigi, the maker of the above mentioned Cucumber Quest

♛ I'm doing the JLPT level N2 in December. Not sure how I'll do, since I'm at the level below in reality, but that level is useless as a qualification, so...

♛ Generally hanging out on Twitter (f⌐ _⌐ );

♛ Watching
※ more Carebears and being blown away by the water-colour backgrounds. You can see the grain of the watercolour paper 9__9♥ (also My Little Pony, but, like Lady Lovelylocks, turns out it is a piece of crap)
Adventure Time, which has changed my life.... FOREVER. Oh my goodness. I don't even have words; just watch it.
Princess Tutu a completely amazing anime that I've tried to work out how to explain many times with little success.
It's.... about ballet. And a girl who is a duck. And meta stories. And fairytales.
If you liked Utena, you will like this - it's very obviously got some of the same people involved. If you didn't like Utena, you will probably still like this. The main character is pretty adorable (and with a really cute husky voice instead of those horrid squeaky things girls always get). And all the music is ballet music. All of it. Tchaikovsky makes for great action music, I can tell you.
※ re-watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (時をかける少女), one of my favourite movies ♥

♛ Writing. Gasp. Madness. Maybe I'll get a short story done by the end of the year, lolololol.
I want to submit to s2b2, but I'm not sure if it will keep within the requirements, by the time I've finished...

♛ Playing my first Dungeons and Dragons game.
It's pretty fun, but I am a total noob at it. Luckily, so is almost everyone else and we have a lovely expert and well-versed DM who are very nice to us and basically walk us through it all. By the time we've finished, I probably still won't really know how to play. And OMG battles do my head in I have no idea. Also, battles are, um, really slow in D&D land - probably because we all spend five minutes looking through our lists of Things You Can Do and whatnot.
My character, Gideon Corbitt, is fab, though.
He is...... like a more bar-brawley Malcom Reynolds, a slightly less competent Spike Spiegel, more sleazey Flynn Rider, and a more drunk Shoebox!Sirius....
I wanted a character that could Punch You In The Face.
I am gearing him up to learn drunken master fighting, which apparently IS A REAL FIGHTING STYLE. Jackie Chan knows it.

♛ I got a tumblr. But I'm not ever going to use it. I just wanted to camp the username, because I'm a shining beacon of humanity.

♛ Restarted lindy lessons! Yay~~~ I've started from the bottom again. Oh, swing dancing, I missed you so.

♛ Trying to figure out why Firefox has been crapping itself EVERY FIVE MINUTES for the past week or so. Oh ho ho, you think I'm exaggerating. I don't know. I think it's a flash problem, but I have no idea. It just freezes up for about thirty seconds or so... Every five minutes. It's a bitch to watch videos or do anything productive. Ideas?
It's driving me insane

♛ Also, I think I might be officially in the early stages of whatever this thing is that I call depression. Too many bad days, now. Too many assignments avoided. Too many times I've wanted to cry, or stay up for the sake of it. It's all very trivial stuff, but when you add it up, it forms a bigger picture...
I'm not sure if it will keep sliding downwards if I ignore it (as I kind of plan to do) or if it will dissipate once uni is over....
And yet it's still easier to admit that, than to admit that lonely Cake is lonely - that's far too much like defeat. But all I want to do is read romantic smooshy things, and hug forever (okay, I do always want to hug anyway). It's really hard to deal with because I am very jaded and cynnical about romantical shennanigans, and although I can't remember what any of that was ever like, somewhere deep inside, I still have this idea of sunshine that I can't squash.
I still hold that it's all impossible nonsense, though.

And those are The Happs.
Whew (´—`;)~3

here are some photographical happs:Collapse )

Okay, time for slepps.
Sweet dreams~~~☆

ε=ε=ε=ミ(ノ_ _)ノ
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25 August 2011 @ 10:17 pm
Um, so... hey, lj.
What's, um, what's up?

*awkward cough*

There's no actual reason I haven't updated in a few million years.

I don't seem to have anything to say beyond 140 characters these days.
Although I do have 1,209 words worth of links to share with you. And that's excluding the past fortnight's trawlings, since lj doesn't save drafts anymore whut.

So you have been missing out on such enlightening thoughts as
What I, unfathomably, see every time I look at a croissant

And today's epiphany that if your parents die (because, as a friend so aptly and chillingly put it the other day, they are a "finite thing", even though you can never even imagine it) and you don't have a romantical partner or your own family,
you will be alone.
I mean, apart from siblings and other relatives.
It just never occurred to me before.

But don't be sad, because there are photos of basset hounds running.

And people who turn a merry-go-round into a flashmob horserace!

By the amazing Improv Anywhere group.

And last night I saw comedian Josh Thomas' show Everything Ever with my sister.
($30 at UWA til Friday, I think)
We saw his show Surprise last year and loved it, and were not disappointed this year.
He's much better doing stand-up in person in his own show than on television (Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation) or even on his podcasts. Josh Thomas' formula is basically to candidly overshare on every detail of his life, especially his love-life, and his cringe-worthy stories of awkwardness, and his understated observations and opinions all turn into one great, down-to-earth and charming show.
The informality and intimacy are really pleasant.
Did I mention the AWKWARDNESS?

And he finished off the show with a Q&A session with the audience, even though he was already a little over time, just because he likes to have a finale ('that just sort of dies into a bored comfortable silence, like an old married couple). And it was the best way to finish a show, showing him as more than competent at casual improv, even while audience members are trying to set him up with their friends, or asking for career advice.

So I recommend going to see one of his shows if you get a chance, because even if you've heard the jokes before, you will always laugh. And feel disturbingly close to a stranger.

Here is a video of Josh Thomas doing a Q&A about gay marrige, although I have no recollection of the contents (or even watching it) because it's been sitting in a word document of links for probably half a year.

(Now that I've seen the preview, I recognise it. It is Serious Business, not comedy.)
This, although waaaaaay out of date, is appropriate because yesterday Prime Minister Gillard met, for the first time in Australian history, with marriage equality advocates to discuss reform.

Also, as a side note, proceeds from his poster sales are going to Beyond Blue.

Speaking of which, I have been on amber alert for depression most of the year, and expect to have spiralled downwards into that dark hole by the end of the year. But I might see if I can speak to a doctor and try some meds before that happens. Its a novel concept, but I'm powerfully reluctant to try, because I have doctor rejection issues. And sorting out your depression before you have depression somehow seems stupid. But it might save me from not graduating (she says as she updates her blog instead of doing her assignments due tomorrow).
Just, er, so you know, I guess. Everyone on the internet.
(f⌐ _⌐ );

Anyway, I have many more things to say, but it's bedtime now
So I'll leave you with this pretty neat music video

Planetarium - Bump of Chicken
(Who are cool, but I don't actually listen to them...)

zZzZzZzε=┏( ・_・)┛

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